A Coffee Subscription?
Like magazines used to (still do?), you can have your coffee show up in the mail.

Why is DETOUR's better?
Our subscriptions are designed so that you can have your shipment show up right when you need it. 

Each shipment is 2 bags of coffee. Choose a frequency of every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Survey says this makes your mornings way better because you don't have to wait 2 weeks for the next box to show up. 

Finally, when you sign up, you get an account which allows you to change frequency, your address and even skip a delivery if you're going away for  a couple weeks.

Anything else?
You don't have to pre-pay up front. You pay for each shipment as it's about be roasted.
Also, our coffees are voted some of the best in Canada. 
And best of all, you control how much you get. If once a month isn't enough, increase the frequency. If every 2 weeks is too much you can simply log in and change to a schedule that works for you.

Single Origin Subscriptions ship 2 coffees and are $38.50, shipping included. 
House Menu Subscriptions ship 2 coffees and are $36.50, shipping included. 

A few more points:
It's automatically recurring.
Pause, cancel or skip a shipment at any time.

House menu coffees are selected by you. You’ll receive the same one every time.
Single Origin coffees are hand selected by our coffee experts, allowing you to explore our premium beans through the different growing seasons.

Forget mornings without coffee. Schedule your coffee delivery service now.