What's in a Subscription Box?

Each box includes 2 bags of Detour coffee. You have the option to choose Single Origin Coffees that rotate seasonally, our familiar espresso or filter house blends, or decaf. 

How much is it?

We have two price points depending on the type of coffee you select. Our house blends are $36.50 each subscription box. Our Single Origins are $38.50 per box. Pricing for both includes shipping. 

House blend or Single Origin?

House menu coffees are selected by you (your pick!). You’ll receive the same one every time.

Single Origin coffees are hand selected by our coffee experts (roasters pick), allowing you to explore our premium beans through the different growing regions and rotating seasons.  

Frequency Guide

An important feature of the subscription is selecting a frequency that suits your coffee drinking habits. We can deliver 1, 2, 3, or 4 boxes a month right to your door — remember there’s two bags of coffee in a box!

If 1 Cup = 10oz / 300 mL
Subscription Frequency
A few cups a week Every 4 weeks
1-2 cup a day Every 3 weeks
3-4 cups a day Every 2 weeks
5 + cups a day Every week


Once you’ve signed up, you can easily update the frequency, skip, pause or cancel the delivery. You have full control.