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At DETOUR, we love coffee. In fact, we believe that the possibilities and experiences around great coffee are endless.

Video by Jesse Senko.


But sadly a lot of people don’t see coffee as anything more than a cream and sugar filled fuel. We find that kind of sad.

So we’ve made it our mission to ensure that nobody ever has to drink a bad cup of coffee again.

Cafe - DETOUR Coffee Roasters

We start with some of the best green coffees in the world. Many of them are purchased directly from origin, but all of them are chosen through the lens of the pursuit of quality.

Next, we roast to ensure the quality of the beans. We roast-to-order and constantly monitor and adjust each coffees roast to match the perfect profile every time. Our roasting machine is one of the best available in the world and also happens to be the greenest.

Nicaragua - DETOUR Coffee Roasters

Lastly, we’d like to think we’re really nice people. And in an industry that can appear to be intimidating, we think that counts for something.

So whether you’re drinking at our café or at home, at the end of the day you’ll know you’ll be sipping on something that’s not just a fuel, but thoughtfully made and delicious. Because that’s what great coffee should be.