Bolivia Finca Bartolome


Tasting Profile & Structure
Anjou Pear
Mandarin Orange
Vibrant: bright, dynamic
How do we feel about this coffee

It feels like a freshly squeezed cocktail of red fruits and a highball glass of amaretto with a flamed twist of burnt mandarin peel as you watch the late-summer sunset over the lake from the dock.
Coffee Style

Coffee Story
Julio Palli has been growing coffee in the infamous specialty coffee region of Caranavi, near Copacabana, for six years on his small .5 hectares of a farm named Finca Bartolome. As part of Agricafe's Sol de la Mañana mentorship program since the early days of his farm, he has learned the best practices for nursery and farm management, plant nutrition, specialty harvesting, and biodiversity. Julio has now built a home on the farm and has the help of his daughter with picking cherries and maintaining the coffee nursery. This specific lot is a blend of Caturra and Catuai that is picked at peak ripeness, de-pulped, fermented in tanks anaerobically and washed before being dried mechanically for 85 hours.

Origin Copacabana, Caranavi
Variety Caturra, Cataui
Process Washed Anaerobic
Producer Julio Palli
Farm Finca Bartolome
Altitude 1600 MASL

Brewing Recipes

Ratio Coffee Water Time
Drip 17g : 1g 20g 340g 3min (V60)
Espresso 1.5g :1g 18g 45g 27 seconds
Immersion 15g : 1g
Peak Rest Time 5 to 40 days off roast

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