Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea


Cascara is the fruit of the coffee cherry that’s removed when coffee is made. This delicious, dried fruit can be made into a tea, a soda, a syrup, and more. This particular cascara is very special. It comes from Helsar de Zarcero in Costa Rica where Ricardo Perez Barrantes and Rodriguez Villalobos operate one of the most advanced coffee mills that we know of. Their processing is super quality focused, and when they dry their organic coffee cherries (for cascara), it tastes like none of the others we’ve tried. Ricardo now has an entire facility built to produce this cascara. The cherry on top? It has more antioxidants than cranberries.



How to Brew Cascara Tea:
1. Use 24g Cascara per 1L of Water
2. Pour water just boil (93C/205F) onto cascara like you would with tea.
3. Steep for 4 minutes, strain and serve.