Careful roasting highlights the character of each coffee and balances all the flavours.

The time and temperature of a roast are critical. It can come down to seconds. Too dark and the character of the coffee can be lost. Darker still and it can become bitter and unpleasant. Too light and the flavours are underdeveloped, sour… we’re leaving behind the coffee’s potential by dropping it from the roaster too soon.

Okay, so we’re a little obsessed with perfecting the right roast for each coffee. That’s why we’re always experimenting and tinkering. Because we choose quality over quantity we’d rather throw out a less-than-perfect batch than serve it to you.

The Amazing Machine

You can’t get a perfect roast without the right equipment. We roast all of our coffees with the Loring Kestrel, made in Santa Rosa, CA. It’s incredibly energy efficient and it looks pretty cool, too.

Our Roasters

Our awesome roasters have gone through months of training and tasting. They’re passionate about coffee to the point of mild insanity. Which is just how we like it.

Sustainable Roasting

Some methods of roasting coffee can be carbon-heavy, but DETOUR’s emissions are 80% lower than most because our green roaster captures and reuses what others release into the environment. That’s important to us.

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