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At Detour, we love coffee. In fact, we believe that the possibilities and experiences around great coffee are endless. Unfortunately, whether from lack of understanding, availability or just plain indifference, most people don’t see it as anything more than a cream and sugar filled fuel that gets them through their day.

We find that kind of sad. So we’ve made it our mission to ensure that nobody ever has to drink a bad cup of coffee again.

That’s why we start with some of the best green coffees in the world. Many of them are purchased directly from origin, but all of them are chosen through the lens of mutual respect and the pursuit of quality.

Roasting is another very important part of our quality equation. Our Loring Smart Roaster is not only one of the highest quality roasters on the market, but it also happens to be the greenest. Ensuring that our environmental impact is kept low and our quality high.

Lastly, but perhaps most important, we’re really nice people. And in an industry that can sometimes feel a little snobby and unapproachable, we think that nice counts for something. Because we believe that coffee doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated to be great, it just needs to be great.


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