Keep It Fresh - Why The Roast Date Matters


Coffee is a fruit.

Seriously. Well, technically what you're using to make a cup of coffee is the seed of a fruit. In that photo above of fresh coffee cherries, there are seeds inside the cherry. 

Coffee Cherries and Their Seeds - DETOUR Coffee

These seeds are the coffee "beans". After they've been removed from the cherry they are dried to about 10% moisture content so they can be shipped to us without spoiling. When they arrive at our roastery, a good green thumb could plant them and grow a coffee tree. They are super fresh! We work really hard to make sure that our coffees arrive at our roastery as quickly as possible after they've been harvested.

(Video by Jesse Senko.)

DETOUR Coffee searches the world for the best of the best in each year's harvest. Most people don't associate words like "tree", "fruit", "harvest", "season" and "terroir" with coffee because it's been promoted for years as a pantry staple. 

Coffee begins it's life as a plant that needs to be sown, nurtured, harvested and processed to become the food we know it as. It can be average, it can be gross, or it can be amazing. This pantry staple isn't going to, and shouldn't, always taste the same.

As it's been marketed as the pantry staple, there hasn't been a quality associated with coffee, because it's "just coffee". 

Coffee Trees Growing Brazil - DETOUR Coffee

Trust us when we say, there is a HUGE difference in the quality of the coffees grown.

Quality coffee is a magical thing. It makes people go crazy it's so delicious. But it also has a lifespan - like good bread, coffee will stale. 

So, why are we telling you this?

Because we're selling you a product that says it's delicious.

Drink our coffee within a month of being roasted and it will be MUCH more delicious than afterwards.

7 - 21 days off roast is prime time. 

Cheers, and Happy Brewing - 


Brewing a Chemex with Fresh Coffee - DETOUR Coffee


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