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SO YOu've decided to open a cafe

Starting a business is hard, but rewarding.

Every day there are more decisions. It can be overwhelming, expensive, and stressful.
But, done well, it can also be incredibly rewarding.


WE have opened cafes and helped others open theirs

We've been there. And we've worked alongside dozens of partners across Canada and the US as they've built successful cafe businesses. Let us share our experience, tips and insight. We can help determine what to prioritize–where to invest and find value based on your specific goals and needs.


Image Credit: Our Spot Cafe, Regina, Saskatchewan

We are looking for long-term partners with a shared commitment to coffee quality


At Detour we take our partnerships seriously. We are selective because we know the importance of the company we keep. Ultimately it comes down to relationships and reputation. Our success is our partners’ success and vice versa.  

The DETOUR Preferred Partners program offers access to the same espresso equipment we use in our flagship cafes. When our partners commit to our coffee, we include world-class equipment in that partnership — because we want every cup of coffee you serve to live up to its full potential.



Our top priorities were quality coffee, customer service and community engagement.

–The Battery Cafe, St. John's, New Foundland

I was inspired to open my cafe after working as a barista for twelve years and deciding that I loved the job, but I wanted to call my own shots.

–Weird Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia

We put our trust in Detour to help us choose the equipment we needed to produce great tasting coffee.

–Prologue, Toronto, Ontario


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