How To Make a Coffee and Tonic

Refreshing, unexpected and adult. Citrusy and bitter quinine in the tonic mixes surprisingly well with a tasty cold brew, especially with fruitier beans.

Try a coffee from Africa with this recipe – coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya work especially well.

And, yes, absolutely – gin, tonic and cold brew works really well! 


Cocktail shaker
250 mL Tonic Water
100 mL Cold Brew Concentrate
3 - 4 ice cubes


  1. Add 3 - 4 large cubes of ice to a Collins glass (or anything a little taller)
  2. To the glass, add 250 mL Tonic Water (tonic first!)
  3. On top of Tonic Water, slowly add 100 mL of cold brew concentrate (make sure it’s this order otherwise the tonic will go bubble crazy)
  4. Add a strip of orange peel, fresh raspberries or mint as garnish and enjoy!

Try this with a couple different types of gin as an interesting twist – it's a combo that works well!

How To Make a Coffee and Tonic 


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