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The ritual of making a pour-over coffee is part of the appeal. It’s a hands-on connection to your coffee; a beverage that’s far more than the sum of its parts. The Hario v60 produces the most consistent, best-tasting coffee of any brewing method that we've tried. Once you get the pour over method down, it’s easily repeatable every day of the week. We're confident you'll notice the difference in the cup. 



Hario, a Japanese glass company founded in 1921, made this brewing method popular in North America with its v60 pour over brewing setup. It was quickly adopted by the top baristas and hipsters alike. The ritual of making a pour over coffee is part of the appeal, a hands-on connection to your coffee for a beverage that’s far more than the sum of its parts. 

Though pour over may be new to many home brewers in North America and Europe, Japan’s longstanding – and thriving – coffee culture goes back decades. In fact, it's been the drip coffee method of choice, in one form or another. Brewing pour over is as common as a coffee machine in Japan – something we hope to see happen worldwide with those who love a perfect drip brew. The disposable pour over device is a popular one with the busy salarymen and women on the go.

Hario v60 pourover - Finishing Touches - DETOUR Coffee



What You Need:

  • Freshly roasted Detour coffee
  • Hario v60 02 cone and filter
  • Grinder - ground to medium-coarse
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Decanter or large mug to hold 500mL

Brew Guide:

  • Makes - 2 Cups
  • Grind - medium coarse like kosher salt
  • Brew Time - 3:15 min
  • Water Temp - 94C / 200F
  • Water to coffee ratio - 1 : 16
  • Recipe - 25g : 400g/ml


Let's Brew:

  1. Weigh out and grind your coffee, set aside.
  2. Take the Hario filter and fold back the seam. Now open it up and place in the brewer (cone portion). It should sit nice and flat inside.
  3. Rinse the filter in the brewer well with water (this helps it to sit snug while also removing any flavour of paper).
  4. Place the decanter on your scale, and the brewer on the decanter. Add your coffee to the filter. Tare (clear) scale. 
  5. Start your timer and slowly pour in 50g of recently boiled water to wet all grinds, taking 20 seconds to do so (this is called “blooming”). Stir with a small wooden paddle or small spoon. Set aside for 20 more seconds.
  6. Slowly pour an additional 200g of water in a circular motion, waiting 20 seconds after pouring for the slurry to draw down through the filter.
  7. Finally, add the remaining 150g of water in a circular motion and let the coffee filter through.
  8. Enjoy!


      Pouring - Pour over coffee Hario v60 - DETOUR Coffee



      • The whole process should take about 3 minutes (+/- 30 seconds)
      • Longer brews risk over-extraction, which tastes bitter and muddy
      • Shorter brews risk under-extraction, which tastes sour, metallic and thin


      • Use a gooseneck kettle for greatest control and safety
      • Pouring relatively hard into the center helps to push hot water down, keeping the water in the Hario v60 at an ideal brewing temperature  
      • After the initial pour, focus on pouring water in a gentle, circular motion. Don’t leave any grinds dry (these tend to accumulate on the outside)


      • Make sure to stir (with a wooden paddle or small spoon) after the initial 100g (100mL) water is poured over the grinds
      • Stir 3 times in a circular motion after the all of the water has been added to coffee; doing so will help trap the finest particles at the top of the filter, allowing the rest of the water to filter in good time


      Plugged filter?

      • Grinds may be too fine. Pour over brewing requires a medium-coarse grind (looks like kosher salt).
      • Coffee beans are all different and some may grind differently, requiring small adjustments to the grind size

      Under-extracted Coffee (tastes sour, metallic and thin):

      • Not enough coffee dissolved into the water. Try a finer grind, hotter water or longer brewing time.

        Over-extracted Coffee (tastes bitter and muddy):

        • Too much coffee dissolved into your water. Try a quicker brew time, coarser grind or lower water temperature.


        Pour Over Coffee Hario v60 1 - DETOUR Coffee


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