Detour Espresso Tasting Pack

Our Espresso Tasting Pack lets you explore our approach to espresso roast profiles from a variety of origins, styles, and flavours. The 3 coffee set features 1 of our yearly foundational espresso offerings and 2 different selections from our current Single Origin espresso menu.

Not an espresso drinker?! Espresso roasts aren't just for your espresso machine! These roast profiles are a great option if you’re looking for a single origin coffee that's a little “darker” or more developed to brew as a filter. These roast profiles are a little bit more developed and more soluble, so they come out a little smoother and heavier-bodied in the cup.

This collection makes a great holiday bundle or gift for any home espresso lover.



All bags are 300-grams each. Detour espressos are sold as whole bean only.