Detour Essentials
Detour Essentials Detour Essentials Detour Essentials Detour Essentials

Looking for a gift or new to Detour Coffee and specialty? Our starter pack of Detour Essentials are a great way to taste 3 of our most popular coffees across a spectrum of flavour profiles and origins.

This 3 coffee selection is a great introduction to Detour’s approach to roasting and sourcing coffee. The set includes 3 year round favourites Punch Buggy, Bottleneck, and Bouncy Castle which feature a variety of tasting notes and roast styles.

Punch Buggy has a deep chocolate backbone, cherry-like fruitiness, and syrupy sweetness. Bottleneck is really sweet and balanced with sugar browning aromatics leading to a creamy texture and smooth comforting notes of fig and toffee. Bouncy Castle is bursting with complex aromatics of florals and citrus, leading to a delicate tea-like body, citrus-like acidity, and a sweet juicy finish.


All bags are 300-grams each. Detour coffees are sold as whole bean only.