Decaf Huila Colombia
Decaf Huila Colombia Decaf Huila Colombia Decaf Huila Colombia

Grown in the Huila region of Colombia, this naturally decaffeinated coffee is juicy, sweet, and fruity—with notes of red apple, caramel, and baker's chocolate. With all of our Single Origin decaf lots, we've developed the roast profile on this coffee so that it is great no matter how it’s brewed. We love it whether it’s filter, immersion, or decaf espresso!

This lot is a fully washed coffee, grown at an altitude of 1,500 meters, and
naturally decaffeinated using the E.A. method. It’s an ideal late-night drink for when you want the soothing taste of coffee, without the energy boost.


DECAF Huila, COLOMBIA -  Red Apple / Caramel / Baker's Chocolate 

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Process: Washed, Naturally E.A Decaffeinated
Varietal: Various
Producer: Various smallholders