Bottle Neck
Bottle Neck Bottle Neck Bottle Neck

A coffee for morning, noon and night. This medium roast is rich, balanced, and incredibly smooth. The coffee components rotate seasonally, but it's always the same easy-drinking coffee with a creamy body and a toffee-like sweetness.

Bottle Neck is our unique coffee that has the perfect balance of sweetness & acidity. What's interesting about this coffee is that it's a blend full of our top selling single origin beans which rotate on a seasonal basis. That simply means it's always changing. We include beans from Central America, Africa and South America depending on the time of year.

Baristas, check out Bottle Necks' Brew Parameters

Detour coffees are sold as whole bean. Need your coffee ground? Just let us know in the special instructions section of your order and we will grind it for you.