Give your coffee a rest

Give your coffee a rest

Rest your coffee for a better flavour experience 

At Detour, we believe that coffee should be understood and respected like wine. Take resting for instance, our coffees often taste better when they’ve been allowed to rest for a few days. Just like your favourite wine, we find that a coffee just opens up, offers more flavour clarity, has less bitterness, a more refined acidity, and overall a better flavour experience.

Let’s dive a little deeper into why resting works...

What's happening to the flavour?

As soon as a coffee is done roasting its flavour starts changing. During roasting gases like CO2 are produced, which enter into the structure of the coffee bean itself. These gases greatly affect the extraction process when you brew your coffee, obstructing the flavours and clarity in your cup. However, these gases also leave the coffee slowly over time, with the degassing process being accelerated once the bag is open or the coffee is ground and brewed—meaning resting your coffee will ensure that the gasses don’t negatively affect your final cup.

On each of our barista guides we recommend a custom resting time for every coffee we roast. But to keep things simple for starters, we’ve put together a go-to guide no matter what your favourite coffee is on our menu.

We find that these rest times are where the coffee starts showcasing its peak flavour clarity but it can definitely be brewed anytime after this as well. Our general rule is two to four weeks off roast is way better than two to four days.

For optimal storage, make sure you keep the bag sealed before you drink it and reseal with the resealable tie after each brew. 


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