Espresso vs Filter Roast

Espresso vs Filter Roast

"What’s the real difference between espresso roast and filter roast, anyways, and does it really matter how I brew them?"

We hear this question often, and it's a great one.

We source some of the world's best coffees and to help bring out the best flavours in the bean, we roast very specifically depending on the use.

So, bringing home the correct roast for both your taste and brewing method of choice is key to making the perfect cup of coffee, wherever you may find yourself.

We’ve outlined the differences between two types of brewing methods, espresso machine vs. drip brew, and roasts, espresso roast vs. filter roast, finally answering one of our most frequently asked questions.


Choose Your Bean: Espresso Roast vs. Filter Roast. What’s the difference?

Espresso Roast:

  1. Roasted slightly hotter and for a longer period of time
  2. Easier to dissolve the right amount of coffee into the water because it’s roasted to be more soluble.
  3. The increased solubility helps the extraction to push past sourness (under-extraction) into properly extracted coffee which tastes much sweeter and balanced
  4. Can be brewed as a espresso or filter coffee. The espresso roasts are great for people looking for more body and less acidity in their regular coffee.

Espresso Roast - Grinds and Espresso | Detour Coffee

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Filter Roast:

  1. Roasted to a lower final temperature and for a shorter period of time
  2. Presents a clearer picture of a coffee’s taste as there is far less “roast” flavour interfering
  3. Creates a sweeter cup of coffee (the coffee is less caramelized and white sugar is sweeter than caramel)
  4. Can be brewed in a drip machine, french press, etc., but is not recommended for use in an espresso machine (filter roast pulled on an espresso machine can result in a very sour cup)

Filter Roast - Grinds and Brew | Detour Coffee

Ok, let's break it down:


Regular (Filter) Coffee


Brewing Time 

3 - 5 minutes

20 - 30 seconds

Taste Style

Regular, balanced

Concentrated, Intense

Which Roast Type to use?

Both regular and espresso

Just espresso roasts

Espresso machines brew coffee very quickly, using over 125psi to force water through coffee grinds. It produces a syrupy, concentrated coffee beverage called “espresso”. It can be super delicious on it’s own, although the concentration isn’t for everyone’s taste, and espresso is the base for popular milk drinks lattes and cappuccinos.

Many people prefer a filter coffee, which has much more water in it.
Is that all it is?

Well, kind of. Check this out:

Espresso Roast vs Filter Roast | DETOUR Coffee

One espresso (30 - 40mL) uses about 18g of ground coffee.
One 10oz (300mL) cup of coffee also uses 18g of ground coffee.

The same amount of the coffee grounds dissolve into properly made espresso and filter (regular) coffee in each situation (about 20%). This is possible only because of the very fine grind used in espresso and the huge amount of pressure applied during the espresso brewing.

Most people won't use an espresso machine at home, but knowing the options helps you brew better coffee. 



Espresso roasts are roasted a little longer and a little hotter to increase the body and decrease the acidity. The same coffee can taste very different with small changes in roasting and we dial in an espresso roast for the espresso machine. 

Happy Brewing.  

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