Because it’s silky smooth and tastes like fuzzy peaches.

* This is a limited roast. Please see the note below about our limited shipping schedule on this coffee.

DETOUR launched just after Ethiopia made a big change in it’s coffee exporting policies. In 2008 the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) was started to help protect farmers from market forces that might prevent them from making a living. It also restricts much of the traceability of Ethiopian coffees, leaving great coffees without information on altitude, varieties and even micro region.

Because DETOUR is still a small company, we aren’t yet travelling to Ethiopia to purchase coffee directly and instead work with some amazing importers that share our values around coffee.

This coffee was presented to us from one of our trusted importing partners as a classic ECX Yirgacheffe and we kind of fell in love with it. It’s that super classic Yirgacheffe taste profile. Ideal, some might say. It’s silky, it’s smooth, it’s full of bergamot and sweet lemon, apricot and ripe peach notes. We had to have it. And it’s a really interesting contrast to other coffees that come from the same region. This coffee is roasted as close to Gelana Abaya as possible and yet tastes completely different.

We have a small supply and are only roasting this coffee on Monday’s.
If your order is placed on Monday or later in the week, it will roast and ship the following week.

Yirgacheffe Ethiopia $19.00
Silky, Sweet Lemon, Apricot, Fuzzy Peaches
Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Heirloom Ethiopian