Costa Rica Santa Lucia


How do we feel about this coffee?

A Kenyan from Costa Rica?!? This coffee is the best of two origins, it’s reminiscent of a Kenyan style of coffee, with a vibrant acidity from the SL 28, but because it’s grown in the West Valley and processed via the yellow honey method, there is so much depth and layers to the sweetness!!
Tasting Profile & Structure
Rhubarb Jam
Toasted Almonds
Vibrant: bright, dynamic

Coffee Story
This yellow honey processed San Roque Kenya variety comes to us from producer Ricardo Perez's farm Santa Lucia and is processed at his family-owned micro-mill, Helsar de Zarcero, which we have worked with for over nine years now. The San Roque Kenya is a variation of the famous Kenyan variety SL28. The trees were planted about four years ago, and this is the second harvest that Ricardo has gotten from them. Once harvested, this coffee goes through a centrifugal washer that spins the mucilage off the bean allowing control over the amount of fruit or “honey” left on the seed during the drying phase of processing. The yellow honey leaves approx 25 to 50% of the fruit mucilage or honey during fermentation.

Origin Llano Bonito, West Valley, Costa Rica
Variety San Roque Kenya
Process Yellow Honey
Producer Ricardo Perez
Farm Santa Lucia
Altitude 1700 MASL
Micromill Helsar de Zarcero

Brewing Recipes

Ratio Coffee Water Time
Drip 17g : 1g 20g 340g 3min (V60)
Espresso 2.8g :1g 17g 48g 30 seconds
Immersion 15g : 1g
Peak Rest Time 5 to 30 days off roast
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