Muramba, Burundi
Muramba, Burundi Muramba, Burundi

This washed coffee from the Muramba washing station in Burundi showcases the region beautifully with complex floral aromatics leading to a tea-like texture and notes of grapefruit, mulberry, and black tea.

Located in the Northeastern Provinces of Burundi, the Muramba Washing Station is part of a network of seven wet mills owned and operated by Angèle Ciza of Kalico to combat poverty and support Women’s coffee in Burundi. The coffees from this network not only represent the high quality and cup profile Burundi has to offer, but they also illustrate the powerful leadership and perseverance of Angèle, whose work has encouraged thousands of farmers and continues to be a major source of inspiration for women in coffee in the country. 80% of the coffee farms bringing coffee cherry to this mill are owned or managed by women.

Muramba - Grapefruit, Mulberry, Black Tea

Origin: Kirundo Province, Burundi
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1720 MASL
Producer: Various Smallholder Farmers from Bwinyana Hill