Hochos - Hot Chocolate Bombs (3 pack)


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It feels like a warm scarf on cold winter's day, enveloped in a warm hug from Nona and gliding on the rink hand in hand with your best mate. Our new HoCho hot chocolate bomb is made in collab with our good friends at Soul Chocolate and is made from 60% dark chocolate sourced from cacao from the OKO Caribe Co-op in the Dominican Republic.

Origin Story
OKO Caribe's cacao collection and processing center sit outside San Francisco de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. Gualberto Acebey Torrejon and Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez own and operate OKO Caribe Cacao Co-op, which processes cacao from 108 smallholder cacao producers in El Cibao. El Cibao's deep, rich soils and regular rainfall also support rice and coffee cultivation, and the fertile valley is considered the country's cultural heartland. Farmers in the region generally own several hectares of land, planted partially or entirely with cacao trees. During harvest, the farmers cut open the pods, remove the fruit-covered seeds, and place them in buckets to be collected by OKO Caribe. Once transported to the company's processing facility, the organic cacao beans undergo six days of fermentation followed by a week of solar drying.

Origin El Cibao, Duarte Province, Dominican Republic
Producer OKO Caribe Co-op
Farm Various Smallholders

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