Flair Signature w/ Pressure Kit, White
Flair Signature w/ Pressure Kit, White Flair Signature w/ Pressure Kit, White

Flair Signature Espresso Makers not only provide a high-end café style espresso anywhere and anytime, but offer a beautiful aesthetic to compliment your style.  We've been using these at the roastery and have been loving the espresso profiles we've been getting on them!

The Flair uses manual pressure to brew espresso one shot at a time - no cords, water-tanks or fuss. Brewing espresso - by hand - is a mixture of science and art. Achieving a great shot with the Flair is a combination of the right grind, the right pressure on the lever, and the right brewing time. For more info on how the Flair works, check out the product guide

All Signature models come standard with a copper-plated portafilter base and  a Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter, which features a removable spouted bottom or allows for naked brewing.  The Signature line of espresso makers from Flair has been updated to come standard with a Pressure Gauge Kit, which allows for precision brewing by indicating the optimal pressure in the “Espresso Zone” while lowering the lever. It also includes a super cute tiny tamper with a stainless steel base! 

As an added bonus, the Signature folds down flat and comes with a rugged case for storage or travel. Make amazing espresso at your home, your office, or wherever you brew.