Colombia El Futuro | Pink Bourbon


Tasting Profile
Black Tea
Why we love this coffee

Drinking this coffee may cause the rest of your day to be just perfect. I don't know about you but for us, a great coffee morning coffee can sit with you for the whole day and manifest it to be great. This Pink Bourbon from El Futuro is one of those coffees, it doesn’t just wow you at the moment but has you dreaming about it for the rest of the day. So go on, your future self will thank you.
Elegant: delicate, nuanced

Coffee Story
In the center of Huila sits the Gigante municipality, just on the skirt of the eastern cordillera of Colombia. That's where coffee producer Arfaid Urriego and Maria Eugenia's farm El Futuro is. Like both his father and grandfather, Arfaid has grown up around coffee from a very young age. He has been producing coffee for around 20 years now and switched to specialty coffee production about 3 years ago. During these last years, what has kept him motivated are the better prices which have allowed him to provide for his family. Also, he has learned how to produce quality coffee. This has made him more disciplined and organized in his daily labour, improving the process every day. His current challenge is to grow coffee on all the farms and continue achieving high quality.

Brewing Recipes
Drip | 16g: 1g | 20g coffee | 320g water | 3 min ( V60)
Immersion | 15g : 1g
Espresso | 2.5g: 1g | 18g coffee | 46.8g beverage | 27 seconds
Peak Rest time: 5 to 30 days off roast

Origin Gigante, Huila
Variety Pink Bourbon
Process Washed
Producer Arfaid Urriago and Maria Eugenia
Farm El Futuro
Altitude 1871 MASL

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