Costa Rica Carrizal Arriba


Tasting Profile
Why we love this coffee

It’s just so deep and sweet, it gives us those great 90’s R & B slow jam vibes with its big buttery texture, but still got all those beautiful melodies and harmony notes from the florals and citrus.
Balanced: layered, structured

Coffee Story
Carrizal Arriba is one of the Gamboa family’s four Tarrazu farms in the micro-region of Leon Cortes and this lot comes to us from the highest part of that farm, Carrizal Arriba nestled in the beautiful region of Tarrazu in Costa Rica. Producer Emilio and his Father Tuto Gamboa are extremely passionate about providing high-quality coffee and stability through long-term relationships and decided to build and open a micro mill, Montes de Oro in 2006 to process their own coffee and oversee all the operations.

Brewing Recipes
Drip | 16g: 1g | 20g coffee | 320g water | 3 min ( V60)
Immersion | 15g : 1g
Espresso | 2.3g: 1g | 18g coffee | 41.4g beverage | 29 seconds

Origin San Pablo de León Cortés, Tarrazú
Variety Cataui
Process White Honey
Producer Gamboa Family
Farm Carrizal Arriba
Altitude 1900 MASL
Micromill Montes de Oro

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