Opening a cafe doesn't need to be a solo game

We have opened cafes and have helped others open theirs. We want every cup of coffee you serve to live up to its full potential and we are looking for long-term partners with a shared commitment to coffee quality.

At Detour, we take our partnerships seriously.

When our partners commit to our coffee, we include world-class equipment (at our cost) in that partnership. It's simple, you order coffee from us, we provide you with the right equipment and support needed for a quality-focused coffee program.

Equipment + Service

We work with all of the top suppliers of equipment such as La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino, Mahlkonig, Fetco and more to ensure that you have access to the same equipment that we use in our own cafes. On top of that, we take care of both the preventative maintenance and handle periodic repairs, as they arise

Custom Curriculum for Quality Focused Cafes

Over the years, Detour has developed a series of training modules and accompanying course books that we walk all partners through to ensure that you are armed with the knowledge and tools to deliver an exceptional coffee program.

The worlds best coffees, sourced seasonally, and roasted fresh to order

From Seed to Cup, we take enormous pride in how Detour is sourced, roasted brewed and ultimately experienced by your customers. With every new season and new coffee release, we are continually looking for ways to support the marketing efforts of our partners and to strengthen our brands together.

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