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Is Detour Coffee Fair Trade?

No, and we chose it that way. We’ve made that decision carefully because we wanted to do more. We source our coffees directly, or through trusted partners, and pay well over the Fair Trade minimum price for our coffees. The farmer receives more for our coffees than they would for most certified Fair Trade Coffees. For more information, please see Our Coffees.

Is your coffee strong?

We do not roast our coffee very dark, but not too light either. It’s delicious, and the strength of the coffee will come from the way you brew it. Check out our Brew Guides or Blog for some tips.

When is my coffee roasted? Is it fresh?

Your order will be roasted one to two business days after the order is placed and typically ship within one day of being roasted. If you would like a regular supply shipped right to your door please check out our flexible subscriptions.

When will my order ship.

Your order will be processed one to two business days after it is placed and normally ship within one business day of being processed. All orders are processed within the week.

Can you grind my coffee for me?

To preserve the character and quality of your coffee we do not ship ground coffee. Within hours of being ground the quality of the coffee drops significantly. We want to be flexible, but trust us, this is the right thing to do.

Can I return my coffee?

There are no returns on roasted coffee.

Is the grinder really that important?

Heck yes. Not only grinding fresh, but ground with a burr grinder. We challenge you to do a taste comparison.


What do I get if I order a coffee subscription?

A box with 2 coffees shipped as often as you need them. The House Menu Subscription keeps a consistent taste profile year round, while the Single Origin Subscription rotates through the wide variety of amazing coffees we source and roast.

I’m going on vacation - can I pause my subscription?

Absolutely. From your account page after you login simply hit pause. You can also change the frequency of your shipment there.

Do I pre-pay for my coffee with a subscription?

No, only as your coffee ships each time from the roastery.

Can I add a third bag of coffee to my subscription?

Not at this time, but we’re looking at ways to include this option if enough people request it. To get the right amount of coffee, log in to your account, change the frequency of your orders from your Account page.

I bought a subscription - when will the first one ship?

Anywhere between 2 and 6 days. We ship all of our subscriptions on the same day of the week and your lead time will depend on where in that cycle your order falls.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Of course, at any time. We are in the business of delivering an exceptional product and experience. If we did not deliver that, we’d like to hear from you.

Gear and Merch

Can I return this equipment?

Within 30 days of purchase we can accept unopened, unused equipment. If the equipment has malfunctioned, please see the manufacturer's warranty.