Organic Roasted Iron Goddess - Loose Leaf 50g


Originating in Anxi, Fujian Province, this Iron Goddess Oolong - aka Tie Guan Yin - has been deeply roasted creating a complex nutty profile that alludes to scotch and roasted chestnuts.

Legend has it, a poor farmer would walk past a decaying iron statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy known as Guan Yin. The farmer would frequent the statue, sweep its surroundings and light incense. One night as he slept, Guan Yin appeared to him in a dream and told of a treasure that awaited him behind the statue - the treasure was the shoots of a tea tree. The farmer took the tree home and began cultivating the bushes and soon he and his neighbours prospered. With his new found wealth, the farmer repaired the iron statue of Guan Yin which became a beacon for the region and a beacon for Iron Goddess Oolong. 

Tasting Notes: Chestnut, Baked Pear, Granola
Region: Fujian, China | Elevation: 800m 
Ingredients: oolong tea


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