Guatemala T'zun Witz


Tasting Profile & Structure
Lemon Tea
Balanced: layered, structured
How do we feel about this coffee?

It’s a homely mug that feels like breakfast and bed, eating an apple fresh off the tree, cracking open a tin of shortbread cookies and the soothing feeling of a fresh squeeze of lemon in your tea.
Coffee Style

Coffee Story
Maria is a second-generation coffee farmer from a Popti Mayan community in Concepcion Huista. After years of working as a labourer, she was excited to receive this land from her parents 15 years ago as an inheritance. For Maria, caring for the environment and monitoring coffee quality is keys to her farm's success. Maria trained with the regions El Sendero cooperative to learn how to operate a manual pulping machine and the proper techniques for drying the coffee in the sun for six days. All part of her careful eye on production. El Sendero cooperative provides coffee producers support and information for farmers around Concepcion Huista. The cooperative was formed in 2016, and it has 196 coffee-producing members, of which 62 are women, and 134 are men. The cooperative focuses on gender equality among coffee producers and primarily supports young coffee producers.

Origin Concepción Huista, Huehuetenango
Variety Caturra, Bourbon
Process Washed
Producer Maria Mateo
Farm T'zun Witz
Altitude 1760-1835 MASL

Brewing Recipes

Ratio Coffee Water Time
Drip 17g : 1g 20g 340g 3min (V60)
Espresso 2.5g :1g 18g 45g 29 seconds
Immersion 16g : 1g
Peak Rest Time 5 to 40 days off roast

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