Santa Lucia, Costa Rica
Santa Lucia, Costa Rica Santa Lucia, Costa Rica

Although we’ve bought multiple lots through the years from wonderful producer Ricardo Perez’s farm Santa Lucia and micro mill Helsar de Zarcero, this is the first red honey processed coffee we’ve released! The red honey is full of berry-like aromatics that lead to a silky texture and layered notes of melon, sweet berry, and orange chocolate. It’s a really decadent cup!

This lot showcases another level of honey from the West Valley in Costa Rica this year, which utilizes a centrifugal washer that spins off the fruit mucilage of the bean allowing control over the amount of fruit or “honey” left on the seed during the fermentation period.

Santa Lucia - Sweet Berry, Silky, Cashew

Origin: West Valley
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Red Honey 
Altitude: 1750 MASL
Producer: Ricardo Perez & Family 
Micro-Mill: Helsar de Zacero