Colombia Napoles


Tasting Profile & Structure
Raspberry Candy
Complex: expressive, wild
How do we feel about this coffee

It feels like slicing into a juicy fresh pineapple, a bag of Swedish berries at a drive-in movie theatre and a sweet toffee after your favourite homemade meal.
Coffee Style

Coffee Story
Wilmer's family had to abandon their farm due to the debts they had incurred after the unfortunate passing of Wilmer's father. Wilmer took this as an inspiration to overcome when his mother and sister moved to Pitalito and set to work on the farm, only to have his family return and recapture it. Despite all his work, Wilmer took on debts to purchase his 3-hectare lot just a few hundred metres from the family farm called Napoles. Over the next four years, Wilmer spent his evenings clearing the entire three hectares, and with the help of a few labourers, he planted three hectares. Once picked, this blend of Pink Bourbon and Tabi is floated and left to ferment for 24 hours. Once de-pulped, the seeds are left to dry ferment for 54 hours before being dried on raised beds for 20 days.

Origin Lavaderos, San Agustin, Huila
Variety Pink Bourbon & Tabi
Process Washed
Producer Wilmer Galindez
Farm Napoles
Altitude 1950 MASL

Brewing Recipes

Ratio Coffee Water Time
Drip 17g : 1g 20g 340g 3min (V60)
Espresso 2.3g :1g 18g 41g 29 seconds
Immersion 15g : 1g
Peak Rest Time 5 to 40 days off roast

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