Carbonero Colombia
Carbonero Colombia Carbonero Colombia Carbonero Colombia

Both complex and balanced with smooth notes of apple, sweet lime and caramel, this crowd-pleasing coffee comes to us from producer Guillermo Chincunque who has been cultivating coffee on finca Carbonero in Northern Narino for nearly two decades. The farm name, inspired by the reminisce of a fire that left old trees burned, leaving their trunks charcoaled but still standing, this lot is a Castillo variety grown at 1800 MASL. The coffee is manually depulped by hand and fermented in small tiled tanks for 14 hours then dried for 8-10 days on raised beds.

CARBONERO, COLOMBIA - Apple, Sweet Lime, Caramel

Region: Tablon De Gomez, Narino
Variety: Castillo
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Producer: Guillermo Chincunque


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