Pinares, Honduras Espresso
Pinares, Honduras Espresso Pinares, Honduras Espresso Pinares, Honduras Espresso

Grown in the infamous Santa Barbara region of Honduras on the Moreno family farm Pinares, and meticulously processed at their family-owned mill in El Campo, comes a stunning 100% Pacas variety that's filled to the brim with sweetness. This coffee is super refined, and shines as an espresso with smooth caramel-like aromatics that open up to a chocolatey backbone and vibrant notes of green grape, hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Coming from a humble background, the Morenos have made coffee cultivation a sustainable business for their entire family. Producer Olvin Moreno is a third generation coffee grower, son of Daniel Moreno, and a member of the large Moreno family of coffee producers. He inherited a lot of the El family farm in 2007 and extended the farm by buying another lot in 2016. The family is super ambitious and remains very passionate with a long-term vision for their farm and a focus on planning, understanding what their market is looking for, and constant reevaluation and tweaking of agronomic, harvesting and processing techniques.



Pinares, Honduras - Green Grape, Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate

Origin: El Cedral, Santa Barbara
Process: Washed, 24hr Dry fermentation,
Varietal: 100% Pacas
Producer: Olvin Moreno & Family
Farm: Pinares
Mill: El Campo

Brewing Guide: PInares Brewing Parameters

Detour coffees are sold as whole bean.