Sugar Rush - Special Halloween Blend
Sugar Rush - Special Halloween Blend Sugar Rush - Special Halloween Blend


Tropical and berry-like aromatics make way to a juicy texture and candy-like flavours of bubblegum, pop rocks, and jolly ranchers. Enjoy as a candy-like filter or as a bright and juicy espresso if you dare!!


Meet Sugar Rush, our very limited Halloween blend that's 50% naturally processed coffee from Aricha in Ethiopia and 50% washed coffee from Ethiopia Gedeo.  Remember rolling through the best candy neighbourhoods dressed up as your favourite Ghostbuster with a proton blaster in one hand and a progressively heavier pillowcase in the other?!? Well, we do!! As kids, we lived for a good old-fashioned Halloween sugar rush, chasing a few pixie stix, some fun dip, and pop rocks with a few gobstoppers. So this year, we decided to bring back that same rush with a coffee-inspired by those tasty treats.  

Just like the best houses on Halloween, there's a minimal supply of this coffee, so don't hesitate and get out early!!

*******WARNING>>> There is NO actual sugar in this coffee!!!


Origin: Aricha, Ethiopia + Gedeb, Gedeo, Ethiopia
Variety: Heirloom Altitude: 1900 to 2000 MASL
Processing: Natural + Washed
Producer: Various Smallholders
Farm: Various


DRIP |  17g : 1g  
IMMERSION |  16g : 1g 
ESPRESSO | 2.5g : 1g