Yambrasbamba, Peru
Yambrasbamba, Peru Yambrasbamba, Peru

Our first Peruvian offering in over 5 years!! Coffees from the Yambrasbamba district in Amazonas, Peru are known for being big, juicy, and round, with lots of sweetness and a heavy mouthfeel that translates to a really approachable cup. Grown in the higher altitudes of the Alto Mayo forest in Northern Peru, this coffee has densely sweet aromatics that lead to super comforting notes of blackberry jam, shortbread and almond brittle. The fully washed Typica and Caturra blend is grown by 8 producers of the Coopbam cooperative and has gone through an 18-22 hour wet fermentation and a 12-22 days drying period on patios or parabolic dryers.

Yambrasbamba, Peru - Blackberry Jam, Shortbread, Almond Brittle

Region: Yambrasbamba district, Bongará Province, Amazonas, Peru
Producer: 8 farmers in the Coopbam Cooperative
Altitude: 1800-1900
Variety: Typica, Caturra
Process: Washed