Humure, Rwanda
Humure, Rwanda Humure, Rwanda Humure, Rwanda
This single producer lot is grown on producer Augustin Benda’s family farm and processed at the Humure Washing Station located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda as part of Emmanual Rusatira’s Baho Coffee Network.  With subtle notes of spice and a cranberry-like acidity, this coffee is incredibly layered and sweet. Look for aromatics of dried fruit and leading to a tea-like texture and notes of dried cranberry, lemon and sponge toffee.

After 15 years of working as a coffee producer Emmanual Rusatira and his family decided to build their own washing stations in East Africa with a commitment towards quality, traceability and sustainability. The Humure station, named after the highest hill in the area was built in 2017 and is the largest in the Baho Coffee Network which collects cherry from over 1500 farmers in the surrounding area and employs over 200 people during the peak of the season. As with all his mills, Emmanuel pays farmers prices in cherry that can be up to 80% over the national farm gate price set in Rwanda in order to incentivize producers to choose this station.

Humure, Rwanda - Dried Cranberry, Lemon, Sponge Toffee

Origin: Remera Sector, Gatsibo District, Eastern Province 
Process: Washed
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Producer: Augustin Benda and Family
Washing Station: Humure

Brewing Guide: Humure, Rwanda Brewing Parameters

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