Chota, Peru Espresso
Chota, Peru Espresso Chota, Peru Espresso Chota, Peru Espresso

The Chota region in Cajamarca, Peru is full of absolute beauty, passion and is brimming with specialty coffee potential. Coffees are grown at some of the highest producing altitudes in the world by smallholder farmers throughout the region, but the area itself is a bit difficult to work in so it’s seen as somewhat undiscovered within the specialty coffee industry.

This specific lot is a perfect example of what we love about the region's flavour profiles. The espresso roast of this lot is a little more developed and showcases comforting dark sugar aromatics inherent in the coffee, leading to a balanced syrupy texture and smooth notes of creme brûlée, raison and pomegranate. Each lot goes through the wash process and between 24-48 hrs of dry fermentation depending on the altitude on that specific farm and then is dried for 12-20 days.


Chota, Peru - Creme Brûlée, Raison, Pomegranate

Origin: Chota, Cajamarca 
Process: Washed
Varietal: Yellow Caturra, Bourbon
Producer: Various Smallholders
Farm: Various

Brewing Guide: Chota Brewing Parameters

Detour coffees are sold as whole bean.