It's here! The new generation KONE V3 filter designed by Able Brewing for the Chemex and V60 Dripper is at Detour.

 The Chemex was my first love in coffee brewing.  Over the years I keep coming back to it.  However, it can sometimes be finicky: it's thick walled filters are slow and don't aid in the most even extraction of the grounds but when its done well it produces a super clean cup.  The latest verson of the KONE filter has been improved with each version and this one produces a nice even extraction and the cleanest cup yet.  Able Brewing has added a a plastic ring around the top to prevent denting and prevent risk of cutting.  They've also closed off the bottom of the filter and flattened it off so it is not sharp like version 1 and 2.  Fits 6, 8, and 10 cup Chemexes and size 2 Hario V60 drippers.  Designed and manufacturered in the US by Able Brewing.


Kone3 Kone_v3