The perfect kettle for home - set the temp you'd like and walk away. It even has a timer built into it. $119.95

We really believe that this is the perfect kettle for anyone brewing coffee or tea at home.

Not only is it well made with a handy gooseneck, it has the ability to heat to a specific temperture. You can set it and forget it.

  • PID Controlled temperature setting, accurate to +/- 2F (1C)
  • Built in timer
  • Large, easy to read LED Display

And lots more! This really is the best available at the moment.

Our own Geoff Woodley trusted this kettle during this years Canadian National Barista Championship because he could set the kettle to come up to a temperature he needed and keep it there until he needed to use it. And beyond that, when he was brewing, he could hit a button and a timer would start on the display for him to keep track of the brew.


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