Our favourite travel cup. Join the reuse revolution and help keep thousands of paper cups out of the trash.

A porcelain dripper with a stopper - awesome control and ease of use in this new brewer from Bonavita. $40

A home coffee maker that actually makes great coffee! $150

In our opinion, the best hand grinder available! Stainless steel with adjustable ceramic burrs. $70

This 12oz steaming pitcher is perfect for cappuccinos and small amounts of milk. $14

The 20oz version of our favourite steaming pitcher is perfect for lattes and larger amounts of milk. $18

The perfect kettle for home - set the temp you'd like and walk away. It even has a timer built into it. $95

A grinder that really impresses us. It's amazingly versatile, excelling with both espresso and filter brew methods. $325

A perfect grinder for making filter coffee at home. This is much more important than the coffee maker you buy! $150

Simply the best French Press we have ever tried. The original single cup version.

Replacement filter for the Single serve Espro Press

Replacement Filter for Large Espro Table Server Press.

The Chemex was one of my first coffee must-haves and I keep coming back to it!

This small durable coffee maker is an ideal solution for great coffee on the road or at the office.

A beautiful and functional server.

100 Pack of Hario V60 size 2 filters. $9.00 each

The Hario V60 02 size Ceramic Dripper. The ultimate home brewer for single or dual cup brewing.

100 Pack FS-100 paper filters.

The perfect kettle for pourover coffee at home.

One of a few coffee makers that meets the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.