We've raised our prices. Here's why:

Fresh crop Ethiopia - Spring is here! A gem of a coffee and one we've been missing all winter. Juicy, floral, tea and candied lemon. $15.25 / 340g (12oz)

A returning favourite - this is the third year in a row we've had this delicious coffee. Notes of tangerine, custard and banana. $16.50 / 340g (12oz)

Chocolate and orange together in a deceiving rich cup. This is another excellent offering from Bolivia. $15.00 / 340g (12oz)

Smooth, rich and aromatic this blend is suitable for drinking coffee black or with a little dairy too. $15.25 / 340g (12oz)

Our house espresso. Rich and creamy with Chocolate, Nut and Fruit in the cup. $15.00 / 340g (12oz)

Our custom espresso roast for Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto. $15.00 / 12oz (340g)

This is the decaf version of our house espresso, Punch Buggy. We've been toying with calling it "No Punch Backs". This coffee is decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process. $15.25/12oz (340g)

Perfect gift idea for a Detour Coffee lover. We ship out 2 bags at a time and shipping is included Starting at $70

The next level up in our Coffee Subscription program. You'll get to try just about every one of our coffees. Shipping is included. Starting at $135

Here's the most economical way to work your way through our offerings. Works out about the same as retail pricing but shipping is included! Starting at $170

Perfect for anyone interested in making better espresso drinks! New Dates Coming Soon