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A rare, unique and exceptional coffee from Colombia. This caturra is unlike any we've ever tried before - big flavour, sweet cherry, floral and a long molasses-like flavour. $26/340g

We selected this lot from Los Idolos to use as our filter roast because it was our favourite with bright white grape, sweet tangerine and honey throughout the cup. $18.50 / 340g (12oz)

A contemplative coffee from the South of Peru. This is subtle, but not simple, with notes of apple, raisin and honey and a creamy mouthfeel. $19.00 / 340g (12oz)

This longtime favourite at Detour is our first fresh crop Ethiopian coffee this year. Super creamy and syrupy-sweet with heavy fruit and floral notes. $18.75 / 340g (12oz)

Our first fresh crop Yirgacheffe of 2015! This one, from the small area of Beriti, is a classic Yirgacheffe with full on peach, jasmine, honey and bergamot. $19.25 / 340g (12oz)

Fresh from the winter harvest we have the return of Los Idolos. This is the 3rd harvest in a row offering this delicious coffee. Notes of red grape, brown sugar and peach. $21.25 / 454g (1 lb)

Smooth, rich and sweet this blend is suitable for drinking coffee black or with a little dairy too. $15.25 / 340g (12oz)

Our house espresso. Rich and creamy with chocolate, fruit and nut in the cup. $19.50 / 454g (1 lb)

A decaf that's delicious as both an espresso and a filter with notes of chocolate, berries and malt. It is decaffeinated using the Sugar Cane method. $15.25/12oz (340g)

Our custom espresso roast for Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto. $19.50 / 454g (1lb)

Round and hearty, this coffee highlights a more intense roast flavour in coffee which gives the cup a rich dark chocolate and molases like character. $15.25 / 340g