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An amazing offering from an exceptional mill, La Perla del Cafe, in Costa Rica. This espresso has notes of brown sugar, cola and marmalade. $22.50/454g (1lb)

We are so happy to have El Limonar back at the roastery after 3 years. This is a classic Huehue Guatemalan coffee - big sweetness, chocolate, and sweet citrus. $19.00/340g (12oz)

Caramel, tangerine and mango in the cup of this super clean coffee from the West Valley. Our first of our fresh crop Costa Rican coffees for our single origin menu! $18.25/340g (12oz)

Rich, sweet and complex is the easiest way to describe this espresso. Great body and depth make it great on it's own or with milk. In the cup marmelade and milk chocolate. $22.50 / 454g (1lb)

Our first fresh crop Yirgacheffe of 2015! This one, from the small area of Beriti, is a classic Yirgacheffe with full on peach, jasmine, honey and bergamot. $19.25 / 340g (12oz)

Smooth, rich and sweet this blend is suitable for drinking coffee black or with a little dairy too. $15.25 / 340g (12oz)

Our house espresso. Rich and creamy with chocolate, fruit and nut in the cup. $19.50 / 454g (1 lb)

A decaf that's delicious as both an espresso and a filter with notes of chocolate, berries and malt. It is decaffeinated using the Sugar Cane method. $15.25/12oz (340g)

Our custom espresso roast for Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto. $19.50 / 454g (1lb)

Round and hearty, this coffee highlights a more intense roast flavour in coffee which gives the cup a rich dark chocolate and molases like character. $15.25 / 340g