Barista Magazine article and roaster update

February 10, 2009 - 572 comments


baristmag-article-photoWell, it’s official, my article for Barista Magazine is now online.  I’ve been an avid reader of it for years and I’m so happy to be published by them in conjunction with the launch of the roastery.

Speaking of which, things are finally coming together.  Ordering the chimney for the roaster was a 3 week ordeal by the time we figured out everything we need.  Positive pressure double walled venting isn’t a normal item around these parts.  In addition to being incredibly expensive, it also has a 4 week build time.  In the end, other things have not progressed asphoto1 fast as I would like but we are looking good for opening the first week of March.

Last week we took down the wall between the two principal rooms in our space.  A huge floor radiator came out to make way for a pair of industrial doors where our coffees and customers will enter.  Subfloor was laid to make way for tiles that will come in a couple weeks.  Electrical will get started and the first coat of primer isphoto2 on.  Even more exciting is that the Diedrich, which has been spending the last 3 months in a green house, is making its way down in a couple days.  I’ll be spending at least a couple days cleaning it, installing a manometer, adding a light kit from Diedrich above the trier and likely installing an extra thermocouple into the drum.

On another note, through some luck and good karma (after volunteering our pourover station at a fundraiser and giving away a coffee for a year auction item), we received a design package from a big design firm in Toronto.  We asked them to help us design our bags.  They were really excited by the project and presented us with 4 options last week.  We have narrowed it down to two, each with a very different approach.  Once we decide we’ll be sure to post a preview.  Also look for a redesign on our logo.


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