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Press Pot/French Press


Apart from the tips on our coffee bags,
try these basic guidelines with your coffee at home:

60g of coffee for every litre of water (or 1000g of water). You can slide this ratio for larger or smaller batches (30g of coffee for every 500g or half litre of water, 120g for every 2000g of water or 2 litres). Brewing coffee is more like baking - recipes matter!

Where possible, grind your coffee fresh with a burr grinder, not a blade grinder. It’s also important to grind to the right size (ask your barista for guidelines). Burr grinders give the most consistent grind size and therefore the cleanest taste and even extraction. You can make great coffee with a pot of water if the grinder you have is good - so spend your money on the grinder before the brewer!

Lastly, keep your brewing equipment clean. Coffee oils and residue can build up and impart bitterness and off-flavours to an otherwise delicious coffee.